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Why is Cytadia so unique ?
Listings on Cytadia are endless; use as many pictures and as much text as you want to rent or sell your home.
Cytadia is free for personal use. No fees, no commission. Period.
On Cytadia, non-commercial ads are displayed until properties are sold.
Use our unique pdf tool to download a free brochure of your property; print it and give it to all potential buyers and renters.
Cytadia offers you a unique protection from spam, using an advanced encryption system to publish your email on the site.
Cytadia gives
you access to useful statistics to note your ad's progress.
We believe in aggressive promotion and exposure on the Internet, to help you sell or rent your home quickly.
Cytadia welcomes thousands of visitors each day; one of them will be interested in your property.
Cytadia gives your property its own web page; use it to promote your home on other sites or give it to potential buyers and renters.

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